Chief Baker

Project Description

Chief baker wants to offer and share information, tips, techniques, recipes and tools for the ‘professional’ home baker, with an above average interest in the art of artisan bread making. Chief baker points to the fact that a lot of people, like us, concentrate their baking activities around the weekends and holidays. The moments you look forward to, thinking about what recipes to try or which favorite loaves to bake.
Chief baker is serious about artisan bread making. We have our own ‘at home micro bakery’. Making bread in small quantities with time and attention will deliver great and rewarding results. So why not try and make your own too? It’s a hobby with great benefits for your mind as well as your body. Making good bread appeals to all your senses. Working with dough can be your own form of meditation. Your body can seriously benefit from the bread you make.

So there are lot’s of good reasons to make your own. Maybe you’ve already discovered them. So if you are serious about good bread making, Chief baker is the place for you. Get your hands stuck in a piece of dough and smell the aroma of your own sourdough starter.

A focus on creative input is supported by a closely managed sourcing capacity with quality control and attention to detail at the forefront. Access to a robust manufacturing supply network gives us the flexibility to custom build your ideal production solution for cost-efficiency and time sensitive delivery.

We are passionate home bakers. We have been sharing our quest for good food and especially good bread for over 17 years. We love sharing our home made bread and baking recipes with friends and family and everybody who’s truly interested. We are especially enthusiastic about the ‘artisan’ way of baking. Traditional methods, few ingredients, lots of taste. It’s amazing and rewarding to discover you can make a wonderful bread with just flour, water and salt and a bit of home made sourdough.

  • Date: March 18, 2010
  • Client: Chief Baker, EGYPT
  • Category: Industries